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Team Series Week 1!

Hey all,

The CrossFit Team Series 2018 has launched! This year, partners will complete 4-5 events each week for two weeks to test their fitness. Partners can be MM, MF, or FF and both Rx and Scaled options are available for each wod.

You and your partner can choose to go Scaled or Rx for each WOD - i.e. you can do some at Rx and some Scaled, and this will all be factored into your overall placing at the end of the two weeks.

You will have until Monday at 5pm to submit your scores for each week. We'll be doing 1-2 events in class as well as offering Open Gym time from 8am to 1:30pm on Saturdays to get the workouts in.

This week we will also have a time slot on Sunday from 8-930am.

You can still sign up! You have until Monday to sign up yourself and a partner, and to do that, just go to So grab a workout buddy and get into the action!

If you want to watch quick videos of this week's in-class workouts, check the out below!




Warm-up: 5 min AMRAP of - 6 deadlifts, 4 front squats, 6 lunges, 40 single skips or jumping jacks

Apologies for the double dose of burpees this week, but hey at least you had practice!

1. TEAM SERIES WOD 2 (7 min time cap):


20 synchro squat cleans* (95/135)

20 synchro squat cleans* (125/185)

20 synchro squat cleans* (155/225)


20 synchro squat cleans* (65/95)

20 synchro squat cleans* (95/135)

20 synchro squat cleans* (105/155)

*both athletes must be in the bottom of the squat at the same time (one person can get there sooner but has to wati until their partner gets to the bottom of their squat). Scaled are allowed to power clean then front squat


Rx and Scaled: 7 minutes of max reps synchro bar facing burpees*.

*partners must have their chests on the ground at the same time for each burpee. Stepping into and out of the burpee AND stepping over the bar are allowed for the Scaled division.

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