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Intensity vs Volume?

A classic quote from Greg Glassman is shown below. While we often see many crossfit athletes adding more and more volume (even when they are just starting out), the key to continuing adaptation is intensity.

One workout at 95-100% effort is generally going to produce a more potent stimulus (and better time invested to recovery time ratio) than three performed at 80-90%.

We are looking to challenge the body with brief, high intensity efforts that push us far from our regular everyday homeostasis. Then we recover effectively with proper nutrition, sleep, and mobility habits.

The more time you spend training, the more time you are under stress. Longer training time (past 60-75min) is associated with higher levels of cortisol and correspondingly lower levels of testosterone.

This isn't to say that lower intensity work can be done for high volumes. Everyday lifestyle fitness is probably THE most important part of a healthy approach to overall fitness and longevity.

Keep your high intensity workouts just that - high intensity - and keep the exposure to short bouts. This is the prescription, and it is incredibly productive!



Training Monday - Tuesday

WARM-UP: 5 rounds, E2M of -

3 medball cleans, 5 medball burpees, 7 pushups, 9 air squats

*Add 2 reps per exercise each round!*

WOD: "Bungalow"

Tough little combo here, with some elements from the previous weeks Team Series mixed in. Work quickly and consistently throughout!

Note that it is an AMRAP - so if you finish then you re-start!

Rx: AMRAP 18min -

20 squat cleans (75/115), 20 barhop burpees, 20 ctb pullups, 100 double unders, 20 STO, 20 ttb, 20 wallballs (14/20)

FG2: 65/95, regular pullups

FG1: Scale bar as needed, banded pullups, 100 single skips, scale wallball as needed

CP: 95/135

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