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Protein Giveaway Results

Hey Vic City,

The last couple of Friday-Saturday workouts, we had an entry for some protein if you wore your Vic City shirt. The draw has been made, and we came away with two winners.

The men's winner - Matty Poon

The women's winner - Emily Chan

Coincidentally, Matty and Emily were partners for the Team Series this year and showed some great determination. They came in at 6am to video their workouts, and get them done so they could submit their scores for the 8 workouts over the last couple of weeks!

Great work Team Em&M! Grab your protein next time you are in!




WARM-UP: 5 - 10 - 15 rep rounds of:

American KBS (light to moderate)

Walking lunge steps (unweighted)

Double crunch

WOD: Three Tests

This wod is just as the name implies - three tests to see where you stand on your strength and anaerobic capacity. Work through and aim to get every pound possible on your bars (hint - use the fractionals especially for the press!). You'll get three scores for this workout, and don't forget to log them in Beyond the Whiteboard!

*Don't know what beyondthewhiteboard is? Ask your coach!!*

1. 12 min to a Strict Press 1RM (start with empty bar)

Right into

2. 14 min to a Deadlift 3RM (can warm up with your press weight prior to the start of the 14 min time frame)

Clean up bars and plates, then no more than 10 minutes after your Deadlift, perform:

3. 500m row Time trial

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