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CrossFit Mainsite - The L-sit

Hey Vic City,

The first workout was posted all the way back in February of 2001. Occasionally our class WOD will be taken from the CrossFit mainsite, and therefore you may notice some movements that aren't a staple in our regular programming. It is good to dabble in unfamiliar movements every now and then, as most will help develop other skills you are trying to improve. This next class WOD is a mainsite WOD and includes L-sits. There are many variations of the L-sit, and those that regularly come to gymnastics class will have a bit more experience when we perform L-sits from the boxes. A full L-sit is very challenging, especially for extended periods of time, that we have a few scaling options. Find one that is appropriate for your current ability, and work at trying to improve in your free time.

Additionally, we got some good news for you that have been looking for a Vic City shirt, as we just got a very limited supply of UnderArmor men's tees. While supplies last, we have medium, large, and even XL for potentially the first time ever! If you want one, don't hesitate, come in the office and pick one up from your coach.

Models (left to right) Niv XL, Kim Med, Mike Med, Tony Lrg



Training Wednesday-Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 9 min cap

0.3/0.4 Assault bike

10 Med ball burpees

10 hanging knee raise

WOD: CrossFit Main site 181031

Rx- 3 rounds of:

Max Reps Strict Pull-ups

Max Reps Shoulder Presses (115/75)

Max cal Row in 20 seconds

Max L-Sit Hold on boxes For Time

Start a clock and begin an attempt at each exercise every 3 minutes

FG2- Thin Blue Band, 95/65, single leg hold

FG1- Green Band, 75/55, knee tuck hold

TG- Ring Row or Banded, scale bar as needed, front plank hold

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