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Hey Vic City,

The next set of tests include pull-ups and rowing. Just like the Monday-Tuesday class, we have a couple ways to assess your current abilities. We have the relative and we have the absolute measures. Regardless, the goal is perform YOUR best to get an accurate measure, and be able to set goals as we move forward in our fitness and to the next testing week, months down the road.

Like any test, we will score best if we are prepared. For academic tests, we take the time to learn the material and practice. The same applies for fitness tests. The learning and the preparation come in advance, and cramming isn't usually the best strategy. Since now we are only hours away to this test, the fitness is there, but we can make some "game day" preparations to move the needle further in the right direction.

1. Have a game plan - use knowledge from past workouts. What weight have you done before? What pace on the rower can you hold? Use that as a guide to put you on the right track.

2. Come hydrated - I've talked about hydration for workouts in past blogs, so I won't get into a ton of details here, furthermore I don't recommend changing up your routine, but consuming an extra glass of water in the morning and a few hours before your WOD probably won't hurt.

3. Show up and log your score - if you make it to the class, you'll be able to get a score in, and that will help with future preparations leading to more, future, fitness gains.

These are just a few last minute things you can do to help you get your best results. Here are the charts with performance levels for those that are interested.



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds, 10 KB deadlifts, 1-2 wallwalks, 0.3 km Assault Bike

Skill: 1 RM Pull-up

In 12 minutes build to a 1 RM pull-up

WOD: 1k Row

Row 1000m for time

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