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Hey Vic City,

In our best efforts to satisfy all your supplement needs, we offer a variety of ways to make purchases. We have an online method through our website, and we also have in person, at the gym. At the gym it’s easy, you see what you need, you tell a coach, and you can pay with cash, credit or even a Vic City gift card. What your coach will do is add what you bought into a document that we have to track which supplements are most popular. However, online, there isn’t a choice of flavour to select while ordering your Jaktrx protein or Hydrate.

To make sure that we always stock the favours of the supplements that you want, if you order online, talk with a coach before grabbing what you paid for. Feedback on flavours is always appreciated. Occasionally, we will order in a small quantity of a different flavour. In the past we have tried out the Ice Cream Sandwich protein, and in just our last shipment we are giving Pink Lemonade Hydrate a trial.

Order your tub online or purchase one at the gym and let us know what you think. Needing that extra bit of help during 7 minutes of Assault Bike? Talk to a coach about the benefits of Beta-Alanine, and how it can delay the onset of fatigue.



Training Tuesday

Warmup - 3 rounds: 12 light wallballs, 10 Ring Row, 8 KB Deadlifts

Skill - 12 minutes of Turkish Get-up Technique (no score)

WOD - 7 min Max Cal Assault Bike

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