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How Long Does it Take to Improve your Fitness?

Hey Vic City,

Recently I came across an article posted by Beyond the Whiteboard. The article breaks down their data on how long it takes to improve your fitness level.

If you are familiar with BTWB, which hopefully by now you are, you know how fitness levels are composed. It factors in your performance (weights and times) on various recorded benchmarks. The data will rank you between 1-99. This is a great tool to identify strengths and weaknesses. Level 1 is the lowest level and 99 is the highest rank. The analysis that BTWB did breaks down the time it takes to improve 10 fitness levels (eg. 50-60).

The whole article is worth a read, in fact, BTWB posts some really good content that is helpful for making fitness gains so follow them on Facebook for other fantastic content.

On average, though, it takes 5-6 months to improve by 10 levels. Keep inputting your data and see for yourself if you can make improvements at that rate, or maybe even faster.


PC: Oscar Bravo



WARM UP: Rowling 3 x 150 m, coaches choice of fitness reward

WOD: Pyramad

This is a partner workout, and you can switch whenever you want to get the work done!

For time:

Rx: 50 bench press (95/135), 75 cal assault bike, 100 wallballs (14/20), 75 cal row, 50 DB Snatch (35/50)

FG 2: 75/115, 10/14 lb wallball

FG 1: Scale bar, wallball, and DB as needed, 50 cal bike and row

CP: Bench @ 125/185, heavy wallballs, heavy DB snatch

CASH - OUT: 100 double crunch

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