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Roll the dice

Hey all,

One of the original slogans for CrossFit was to train for the "unknown and unknowable" - i.e. any possible situation that may arise. A training program that encompasses a high variety of movements and time domains should in theory prepare you for most physical challenges, even if they are unknown until they are right in front of you.

I've experimented in the past with various versions of "random" workouts, with some successes and just as many learning experiences. I thought it would be fun as a changeup for you guys to not know entirely what your wod will be until you "roll the dice" to figure it out.

For some of you this will be your worst nightmare, and for others, it will be a relief not to know in advance what your challenge will be.

At the end of the day, you are well prepared for whatever the resulting workout is, so work hard, work well, and enjoy the process.




WARM - UP: EMOM rotations x 3:

1. Bear crawl 1 length

2. KB Bent over rows x 10

3. Medicine ball clean x 8

WOD: Gambler

Your coach (or a selection of classmates) will roll the dice. Whichever numbers show up will represent the challenge that you will face. Roll only once for each category and make sure to record what your workout was so the rest of the classes can see!

Roll # 1:

1 or 4: 14 min amrap

2 or 5: 3 rft

3 or 6: 5 rft

Roll # 2:

1 or 4: Deadlift 155/225 for 10 reps

2 or 5: Deadlift 95/135 for 20 reps

3 or 6: Deadlift 195/275 for 5 reps

Roll # 3:

1 or 4: DB Hang Clean to Overhead (35/50) 8 reps/arm

2 or 5: DB 1 arm Shoulder to Overhead (35/50) 12 reps per arm

3 or 6: Handstand Pushups 8 reps

Roll # 4:

1 or 4: CTB pullups 12 reps

2 or 5: Pullups 16 reps

3 or 6: Burpee Pullups 12 reps

Roll # 5:

1, 2, or 3: 50 heavy single unders

4, 5, or 6: 30 double unders

All levels - scale as needed for your respective levels. The scaling will depend on the actual workout that results from the rolls.

Here are some general scaling options:

For Deadlifts, scale to what will be safe and challenging for the workout.

For the DB's, use 20/35 for FG

HSPU can be scaled ROM, deficit, or can sub in HR pushups

Pullups can be jumping CTB, banded, or 12 burpees + 12 jumping pullups.

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