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What's the Missing Link?

Hey Vic City,

In CrossFit we have a wide variety of movements. Most of these movements are rather complex, and have multiple components. Within each movement there is usually three aspects that we need to possess to be able to complete a movement.

1. Strength

2. Mobility

3. Skill

Whether the movement is weightlifting or gymnastics, ability to complete the exercise can be varied based on any one of these above components. Each movement will require a different degree of any of the three, but they all need to exist.

Take a power snatch vs. a squat snatch for example. If the bar weighs 100 pounds, we need the STRENGTH to lift 100 pounds. We also, need the MOBILITY to get the bar over our head. In the squat snatch we need more mobility to get the bar overhead and get into the bottom of a squat. Additionally, we need to possess the SKILL to transition from pulling the bar up and then pulling ourself under.

For the next class WOD, we have a tougher gymnastics skill in the handstand push-up. If your ability to perform handstand push-ups is limited we need to identify the missing link - what is stopping you from being able to perform them. Is the missing link strength, mobility, or skill?

Strength - can we press our bodyweight up from the top of our head?

Mobility - Can we support any weight stacked over our head with straight arm?

Skill - Can we kick up into a handstand? (coordinate the kip in kipping?)

Maybe it is just one missing link, maybe it's two or three.

Check out this video that I filmed with our member, Jon. In the video we go over ways to scale depending on what is the missing link. It never hurts to work on all the above. Note the scaling option for the class WOD, it will be a combination of scaled ROM HSPU and seated DB press - build skill and strength all in one minute.



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: Rotating EMOM9 - 40 work/20 rest

Shuttle Run

Glute March

Front Plank

Skill: Deadlift 4 x 8 E2M

Keep reps smooth, with perfect posture!

WOD: "EMOMster's Return 1.0"

Rotate OTM for 5 rounds (25 minutes)


6-10 HSPU

20 seconds Assault bike

10 Box Jumps

6-10 Burpees

30 seconds Double Unders

FG: 6 Scaled ROM HSPU + 6 Seated DB Press

TG: Scale as needed

*No Score

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