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Open Standards

Hey Vic City,

The 2019 CrossFit Open is only 5 weeks away. If you aren't familiar with the Open, check out the last blog that explains it a bit more, or ask a coach. During the Open we will have judges to ensure proper movement standards and accurate counting of repetitions. There are certain movements that come up, that you might not see very often or you might be unsure of what the movement standard is. At the announcement of the Open workout, CrossFit Games will also release a video, going over the standards for the movements in that workout.

In our next class WOD, we have DB walking lunges. These might seem pretty straightforward, but there are a few things that you might not think about while actually doing them. There is a requirement to how to hold the dumbbells, and what is acceptable for positioning between steps.

It's good to be in the habit of executing flawless reps year round, but even more as we step into Open season. I've attached the standards video from an old Open WOD, 17.2, which features the DB walking lunge. Give it quick watch, and hopefully it will save you some frustration come Open time.

If you prefer to read the standards check this link, and go through the first four slides.

Work hard and play fair!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: Rotating EMOM9

7/10 Cal Assault bike

10 Ring Row, 10 Air Squat

10 Push-up, 10 American KB Swings

WOD: Braker

3 rounds for time (8 min cap)

6 DB STO (35/50)

25' DB Walking Lunge (on shoulders)

10 CTB Pull-ups

Rest 8 min

3 rounds for time (8 min cap)

20 Plate Floor to Overhead (35/45)

50 Heavy Single Unders

15 Med ball Cleans (14/20)

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