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Should I Supplement?

Hey Vic City,

The CrossFit Open is only 1 month away. Again, if you are unfamiliar with the CrossFit Open, it is a worldwide competition that is completed in the comfort of your home CrossFit affiliate. One workout is released a week, and it will be the class WOD for Friday/Saturday. The Open will last for five consecutive weeks, and you will get a fantastic snapshot of your current fitness.

As CrossFit competitions usually are, there will be a large variety of challenges, some will feature your strengths and some will expose some weaknesses. One great way of increasing progress in your fitness is by using supplements in addition to your already health diet.

Often a reason that people aren't taking supplements is that they don't understand the benefits. The goal of this blog is to give you a bit more info to see if you should look into taking supplements.

Do you need to increase your daily protein intake? Do you have a hard time eating a full meal immediately post WOD? If yes to either, you should consider a protein powder supplement. Protein powders, when consumed as a drink, are fast acting. They quickly transport the nutrients to the muscles that were just broken down by a hard day of training. Getting proper and timely replenishment post WOD could improve recovery and therefore future training sessions. Give our Jaktrx protein a shot!

Do you have a hard time staying hydrated throughout the day? Do you get bored of plain water? Give Jaktrx Hydrate a shot. It is saturated with optimal levels of electrolytes, BCAAs, and other key vitamins and minerals. Optimal hydration has also been shown to reduce muscle soreness. More info here.

Are you looking at increasing strength or size? If yes, I would recommend Blonyx HMB+ Creatine. Creatine provides energy rapidly when doing high intensity explosive movements such as a deadlift, a snatch, or a sprint start. HMB protects muscle from training damage reducing soreness and recovery time. Research suggests that muscle damage is reduced during strength training and running while supplementing with HMB. In addition, combining Creatine and HMB doubles their effects in strength. For more information on Blonyx HMB+ Creatine check out this link.

Are you looking to increase power output during high intensity interval training like Airdyne sprints? Are you looking to increase the number of reps you are able to achieve? If yes to either, Beta Alanine would be recommended to supplement with. Research suggests that Beta Alanine reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles. This reduction in lactic acid reduced athletes' 2000m rowing times and increased time to exhaustion while doing sprint cycling. For more information on Blonyx Beta Alanine check out this link.

For many supplements, it takes a bit of time to get the levels in the body to a sufficient level. If you are serious about making some improvements to your fitness, jump on board now with a supplement that will benefit you. Don't expect to take a scoop of everything right before your first Open WOD and have a miracle occur.

If you have any questions about our supplements, don't hesitate to ask.



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 7 min Dowel Game

Skill: (SCORE 1) In teams of 3, 14 min to a 6RM Thruster from the floor (empty bar only warm-up)

WOD: (SCORE 2, total burpees)

Rx - 1 min each person x 6 rounds (18 min)

Row 150/200m

AMRAP burpees over the rower

FG - Regular burpees

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