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On to 19.4

Sam G. here after the reality of 19.3 and some solid Strict Handstand pushups.

Everyone put in a great effort with 19.3 and really set the bar to remind us to keep us up on ALL our skills after the Open

If you are feeling down after 19.3 don't worry about it! We still have 2 more weeks to go! PRs to be broken, new movements mastered or done for the first time!

It's hump week of this years open, so keep on coming in for your regular classes and body active to keep fresh and ready for 19.4

Its been fun to see the competition within the gym classes and keep a look out for Coach Adams Wednesday night Facebook post on the updated standings after 19.3!



WARMUP: 3 rounds - 5 medball burpees, 5 medball cleans, 4 samson lunge steps

SKILL: E2:30 for 4 rounds - 3 thrusters and 8-12 deadlifts

Build thrusters each round, clean the bar from the floor. After your third thruster (unbroken), drop the bar and transition to the deadlifts.

If you have a strong thruster, do 8 reps of the deadlift. If your thruster isn't as heavy relative to your deadlift, then do 12 reps.

WOD: Spidermonkey

This workout incorporates a few of the movements that we have yet to see in the open. It will be a tough challenge for shoulder stability so be sure to scale appropriately. Note the option of performing the OHS as front squats if your OHS isn't strong.

2 rounds for time (12 min cap):

Rx: 10 hang power snatch (65/95), 10 ctb pullups, 15 shoulder to overhead (65/95), 10 ctb pullups, 10 overhead squats (65/95)

FG2: regular pullups, sub in front squats for the overhead squats

FG1: jumping pullups, scale barbell weight as needed

CP: 75/115, option of subbing 3/5 ring muscle ups in for the ctb

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