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Membership Payment Update!

Check out some great run prep for Murph in today's cash-out. Pictured: Nathan smashing Murph last year.

Hello all!

As part of our continued goal of creating the best training experience possible, we are transitioning away from PayPal as our payment processor. We've been with PayPal since the start but have now encountered some limitations that will limit our service to you. We will be changing over to a platform that will allow a lot more options for us in terms of member contact, class sign ups, easier membership adjustments, and more!

Over the next few weeks (or possibly already), your PayPal membership will be suspended, and you'll be receiving an email from me (Cam) detailing how to sign up for your new membership. Once you get my email, please sign up as soon as possible to stay on the same payment date.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly ( email: podiumstrength (at) Thank you for your patience in this process and I am confident that you'll enjoy the new features that we'll be able to share with you soon!





3 rounds

15 KB Swings

10 Goblet Reverse Lunges (5R/5L)

5 Pushups

WOD: "90 to Infinity"

Score 1:

10mins to Build to 1 Rep Max Strict Press

You will use this final weight for the next 2 parts

*Bar only warmup

Score 2:

5min Warmup then,

90sec AMRAP Power Cleans

Score 3:

5min Warmup then,

90sec AMRAP Front Squats

Score = 1RM Press Weight + Power Clean Reps + Front Squat Reps


Run 600m x 4. Adjust distance as needed to keep your runs under 2.5 minutes (i.e. 200, 300 or 400m runs are fine too!)

1min rest between rounds

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