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Push Week Day 3

Double Unders are here!!!

Get some good tips from the video above in how to keep your double unders efficient and consistent!

These will be extra tough as you will have a quick row to complete before hand!

Hang on as we are in Day 3 of Push Week, everyone has been showing up and doing well with our first two WODs. Make sure you recover and "don't miss".

Good luck everyone!


Wednesday - Push Week DAY 3


OTM rotations x4 rounds

10 wall balls

2 length bear crawl

30sec Assault bike

WOD: "Don't Miss"

4 rounds For Time


300m Row

50 Double Unders

Scaled: Single Unders x2 (100reps)

CP: 70 Double Unders


10min Mobility of choice (foam roll, banded stretches,etc)

Talk to your coach for specific trouble areas.

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