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Helen Retest

Hey Vic City,

We have a formula for an extra exciting Friday/Saturday class WOD. The featured WOD is a named benchmark workout which always raises the level of intensity. Not only that, but this is a retest after about 6 weeks of fitness gains. We completed Helen at the start of April so check beyond the whiteboard for your scores.

Obviously the goal is to improve your time. Think back to where you slowed down, or what held you back. Like I've mentioned in previous blog posts, to yield the best score have a plan. Trying to keep your round times consistent, and resist the urge to sprint that first 400m.

My suggestions for this workout is to hold a consistent pace on the runs, something you could hold for the entirety of workout, even if it was just running. Aim for big, if not unbroken sets of kettlebell swings. We've had a couple classes over the past little while which focused on bigger sets of swings, put that practice to use. Break up the pull-ups often, save the grip, but don't rest long. Do smaller sets than you think, sets that you think you could do if you had to do a set of 36. 2s, 3s, or 4s is probably best for the average CrossFitter in this WOD. Get moving immediately for the next run, push through the first 50 metres and your legs will come back as you go.

Remember this is just general tips, using your experience from your previous attempts will give you a more well rounded game plan to crush your PRs!

Good Luck!


Murph prep this Saturday - get comfy with a weight vest!


Training Friday - Saturday

WARM UP: Dowel game with fitness rewards!


This is an opportunity to re-do the Helen workout from about 5 weeks ago. Take a look back at your time and try to take it down! Have some strategy to it also - if you're not sure how to make changes, talk to one of your coaches!

Rx: 3 rounds for time: 400m run, 21 kbs, 12 pullups

Fg2: Scale KB weight to 26/44

FG1: Jumping pullups, scale KB weight, 200-400m runs

CP: 15kbs @ 44/70, 3/6 ring mu per round

CASH-OUT: 20 sec pushups, 20 sec rest, 20 sec squats, 20 sec rest x 8 rounds. Try to hold consistent output!

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