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Monday Funday

Great job this past weekend to all those who took on the HERO workout Murph ... a very tough challenge at the best of times and a little bit tougher I'm sure in the pouring rain!

As mentioned in a previous blog, we're looking to have several outdoor events through the summer, so stay tuned for those! These events are a great way to use your fitness outside the box and to meet up with your gym buddies for some fun in the sun.

This week we've got a few tough workouts coming at you. Monday - Tuesday though is a bit of a mix, with some new or different movements we don't do too much. These types of movements challenge your body in different ways than the traditional cleans and thrusters.

Have fun hitting the workout below, and be ready for whatever comes next ... because it's bound to be different than what you just did!




WARM UP: 3 rounds - 6 dowel dislocates, 6 dowel OHS, 12 double crunch

SKILL: KB bottoms up press 4 x 4/arm E90s

This is as much stability as it is shoulder strength. Experiment with where you hold the weight in your hand (palm, fingers, mix) to find the best balance point.

WOD: Reverb

**10 minute cap**

Rx: 2 lengths overhead walking lunge (plate - 35/45), 20 floor to overhead with the plate, 900/1200m assault bike, 20 floor to overhead, 2 lengths OH walking lunge.

FG2: scale weight of plate to 25/35

FG1: scale weight as needed, unweighted walking lunge

CP: Single DB OH walking lunge (35/53), sub axle bar floor to overhead (+25's for women, +35's for men)

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