Saturday Track Session

June 10, 2019

Hey Vic City,

We had a good turnout for the Hero WOD, 'Nutts', this past weekend. This Saturday for Hero, we are going to be heading down to Oak Bay Track. We've done this field trip before, and it's always a big hit among athletes. 

Here's what to expect, show up at Oak Bay Track at the same time as the usual Hero session, the session will run from 11AM-12:30PM. We'll bring some gear down and throw that in with some running. Plan for a team workout that looks like Helen with some sled pulls. 

All members are welcome, and we will have mobile check-ins on site and you can still register on the Push Press app. Join the Facebook Event page, to reserve your spot to make sure we have enough equipment and we can organize teams ahead of time. 


PC Oscar Bravo 

The weather is looking good, so it's set up to be a great afternoon. See you there!


Training Monday - Tuesday 

Warm-Up: E4M x 4 rounds
Run 200m, 8 Deadlifts, 6 Hang Power Clean, 4 STO, 2 Samson Lunge 
*Start with empty bar and add weight each round



WOD: "Dead Run"
Rx -

10-8-6-4-2 Deadlifts (175/245)
30-25-20-15 HR Push-ups
800-600-400-200 Run


CP - 205/315, 20-16-12-8 HSPU
FG - 125/185
TG - Scale as needed

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