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PUSH Week Results!

Diogo and Emily, sticking together in and out of the gym!

By all accounts, a great week was had last week in our first iteration of partner PUSH week. It was great to see you guys linking up with friends new and old to take on the challenges.

The Monday, Tuesday, and Friday workouts were the ones contributing to the scoring, and we have tabulated the results. In future we'll give more notice for partner challenges like this, as only a small percentage of you were able to team up on all three days.

Those who stuck together and were consistent almost always ended up in the prizes, which is a lesson in crossfit and in life!

Below, I'll break down the categories and the score totals. We awarded 1 point for a first place finish, 2 points for second, 3 for third etc, so lower scores indicate higher placed teams.

MM - Scaled:

1. Don and Oliver

FF - Scaled:

1. Ashley and Jaclyn (3)

2. Alison and Erin (6)

MM - Rx

1. Jon and Owen (5)

2. Glen and Kyle (6)

3. Dale and Corey (7)

4. Matty and Jeff (13)

5. Jason and Aiden (14)

FF - Rx

1. Supermoms (Michelle and Leah)

MF - Rx

1. Diogo and Emily


1. Erik and Tanner


1. Mika and Katie

CONGRATULATIONS to all our teams and winners. See my previous post for details of your prizes and catch up with Cam to collect them!




WARMUP: 3 rounds - 4 inchworms, 8 American kb swings, 12 lunges (6/leg), 24 single skips or jumping jacks

WOD "Nasty Girls"

One of the most iconic CrossFit workouts, potentially one of our new leaderboard wods, and a video that 10's of thousands of Crossfitters have watched worldwide.

Witness the fitness of three of CrossFit's OG women (Eva, Annie, and Nicole) take on Nasty Girls circa 2007 (or earlier!). No "women's bars", strict muscle ups, and med balls to monitor squat depth. If you can even think about matching their tempo on those air squats, give it a shot.

*sorry about the music, it's not my video!!


3 rounds for time:

50 air squats

7 ring Muscle Ups

10 hang power cleans (95/135)

FG 2

Sub 14 Chest to bar Pullups and 14 ring Dips for the 7 ring MU

FG 1

14 Pullups, 14 HR pushups, Bar 65/95


14 Assisted Pullups, 14 modified pushups, Scale bar as needed


Assistance work (not for time): 4-5 rounds of

10 double crunch/GHD situps

10/leg single leg DL

10 ring rows

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