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New Leaderboard WODS!

Well you (the people) have spoken! Over the course of last week and this past weekend, almost 60 votes came in to choose the last 4 leaderboard spots. So thank you for being involved in this process, it was pretty neat to watch the votes evolve!

There were some very close votes in some of the categories, with others being more cut and dry. Just because some of the wods didn't get chosen doesn't mean we won't see them in classes though - the ones that were the most popular "second choices" will show up for sure.

Now to the nitty gritty. Take a look at each graph below to see how the results panned out!

Open wod 16.3 wins out in the battle of the "muscle up wods". Amanda and Nasty Girls (which we did this week) close second and third.

Max Pullups will remain on the board!

Grace wins! With Diane close behind. Given all the deadlifts and handstand pushups lately, do you think Diane might be on the near horizon?

SUPER close here, with Cindy just edging out 11.5 and Murph amongst the "longer" wods category.

Thanks again for voting everyone, and you'll see our new leaderboard workouts getting put into rotation very soon so that we can start to get some solid numbers up there!

Remember we will have women, men, and master's (40+) categories!





EMOM rotations x3 rounds each

50m Bear Crawl

15 Wall balls

20sec Single leg plank R, 20sec Single leg plank L


5 rounds Alt Every 90sec

Deadlft 8 reps

HSPU/Pushup variant 6-12 reps

WOD "Under Assault"

Teams of 3 (1 work, 2 rest)

5 rounds each of:

12/20 cal bike

30 double unders or 60 single unders

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