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Kettlebell RX coming to Vic City

Coming this October a Crossfit Preferred course will be held here at Crossfit Vic City!

Saturday October 19th we will have the Kettlebell RX team here and doing a day course on Kettlebell skills and fundamental movements. One of our former coaches and Vic City members will be here running it too! (AJ for those of you who will remember her!)

As you likely know, Kettlebells are one of the more versatile strength and conditioning tools around. Their compact size makes for easy transportation to any outside workout venue, and the way the bell is designed allows for a great range of movements. Strength, stamina, and core work can all be challenged through using a single kettlebell!

Here is the link to register, will be a fun day of kettlebells and fitness! All levels welcome.



WARMUP: 3 x 4 KB goblet squats with 2 sec pause at bottom, 5 KB push press/arm, 10 Russian swings

SKILL: Back Squat 5 x 5, alternated E90s with high box jump x 3 reps (be safe with these, DO NOT max out your height)

Build the sets of 5 back squats as you go to a clean but heavy 5 reps.


A nice little triplet AMRAP to start the week! Pace yourself, breaking up sets as needed to keep a good consistency through the full 12 minutes.

Rx: 12 minute AMRAP of: 6 ctb pullups, 12 wallballs, 72 heavy rope single unders

FG2: regular pullups

FG1: Assisted pullups, scale wallball as needed

TG: Scaled as needed

CP1: 3/6 bar muscle ups, 12 heavy wallballs (20/30)

CP2: 6 bar muscle ups, DB thrusters (2 x 35/2x50), heavy rope double unders

Cash - out: 3-4 sets, not for time: 16 steps walking lunge (weighted or not), 10-20 double crunch

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