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Diane is HERE

Diane is here, we have spent the last 2 months working up to this WOD and practicing the building blocks of this classic benchmark workout!

Have a plan and Stay steady, consistent and focused on the task at hand!

Here is a great video of 2 different people with different levels of Crossfit skills attacking Diane.




3 Rounds

250m Row

5 Pushups to T-Rotations

10 Russian KB Swings

WOD "Diane"

Rx: 21-15-9 of Deadlift (155/225) and Handstand Push-ups

FG2: Scaled ROM HSPU

FG1: Scaled ROM, DL (125/185)

TG: HR Pushups, Scale Bar as needed

CP1: strict hspu, DL 185/255.

CP2: 15-10-5 deficit kip hspu (1x45lb/2x45lb), DL 205/315


5 x 200-400m runs

rest 1 minute

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