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HERO Saturday Update

Hey all,

As part of our new programming, we're changing the format of our HERO Saturday workouts. We've moved the training to a more convenient time while still creating the opportunity for a bump up in weekly volume.

The first change is that HERO will have two parts:

- From 9-10am on the small side of the gym we'll work on strength, oly, and skills

- From 10-11am we'll join the class wod (usually a team workout) to get the metcon work in for the day

This particular weekend, with the Vic City Games on Sunday, we won't be hosting a formal HERO Saturday, but expect that each Saturday at 9am we'll be kicking it up a notch.

If you're not competing, there will be a session written up on the small side of the gym to do tomorrow (Sept 7)

Who is HERO for?

These workouts are best for people who are already conditioned to doing our regular Rx - CP level programming. HERO is a chance for members with competitive aspirations to come together for intense high level training.

With the new 6 day program, there is more than enough volume already for the vast majority of our members. So if you're considering starting up HERO soon, wait to see how your body adjusts to the new program.

You should be able to execute handstand pushups, chest to bar pullups, and full cleans and snatches smoothly and with skill. Double unders, ttb, and working on muscle ups are also in the mix. We can scale the training up or down but to get the most out of it, your skill level should already be pretty high.

If you're thinking of jumping in, chat with your coach or Cam and we can go from there!

See you in the gym,




WARM UP: Jog 400m, 10 slow burpees, 10 goblet squats, 20 jumping jacks


This is a team workout, in which everyone is working all at once. The key will be communicating with each other in when to switch stations - don't go to failure on any one thing, switch before you need to in order to keep the reps going!

Ideally you'll be in a group with people doing the same scaling but there is some wiggle room if needed.

Rx: 60 back squats @ 155/225, 90 single arm DB Push Press @ 35/50, 120 calorie row

FG2: 60 back squats @ 125/185, 90 single arm DB Push Press @ 20-25/40, 120 calorie row

FG1: Scale squat and DB weight as needed

CP1: 185/275, 45/70, 150 calorie row.

CP2: 205/315, 55/90, 150 calorie row

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