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Push Press Member Portal App

Hey Everyone, I thought it would be a good idea for me to give you a brief run down on the Push Press Member Portal App. As you all know we are on the Push Press Membership software but what you may not realize is that there is an App you can download on your phone to help you organize your gym schedule and membership.

First step if you haven't done so already, search for and download the Push Press Member Portal App (see above picture). Once you have the App loaded you will enter in your same Push Press email and password you setup with your Push Press Profile.

After logging in you will then get to a home screen like the picture below:

From this home screen you can select which tab you need. For instance if you are wanting to reserve a spot in a future class you can click on classes and it will take you to the following screen:

Just click on available and you will be able to reserve your spot in whichever class you choose.

If you need to update your Credit Card information or change your credit card that we have on file, you can return back to the home screen, click on profile and you can choose payment same as this picture below:

Now with our 6 day a week programming you can see a brief overview of our 6 days each week. Same as our Facebook and Instagram post with our 6 days laid out, you can better prepare yourself for the week ahead. So anyone who does not have either of the above social media outlets you have no excuse to say you didn't know!

Go back to the home screen and click on Workouts. You can then click through the days of that week to see what the general outline of that days WOD will be. See picture below for reference:

I hope this gives you a better idea of how useful this app is, Push Press has been a great success in advancing our gym and providing more value to all you members.

You can also purchase member drop ins if you exceed your 2 or 3 day a week membership, as well as purchase a new punchcard if you run out of classes.

We also have events listed under the Events tab on the home screen. If any of the events cost money you can then use your credit card on file to pay for them and reserve your spot!

Any other questions ask your coach or shoot me (Coach Graham) an email at the gyms email




6min AMRAD (As Many Rounds As you Do) not for speed or score

6-10 beat swing reps

5 slow Kanga Squats with light KB

30 single skips or 5-10 Double Unders

Athletes Choice Day



Row 600m, 60 Double Unders

row 500, 50 du

row 400, 40 du

row 300, 30 du

row 200, 20 du

row 100, 10 du

PARTNERS: split as needed/switch at any time:

Row 1200m/Double Unders 120







Strength Development

A1. Bench Press 6, 6, 4, 4, 2

A2. Bulgarian Squats (DB) x 6/leg

*Alternate Every 2mins

B1. Ring Rows (hard) x 6-10 reps

B2. Reverse Hypers on GHD bench x 8-12 reps

*Alternate Every 2mins

Slow rotation:

C1. Front Plank hold 30-60s

C2. DB Hammer Curls 6-8 reps

C3. Band Pull-aparts x 10 reps

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