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Tuesday Gain Train

Emily floating over the bar in 20.1! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Team - training for Tuesday, enjoy!

WARM UP: 3 rounds - 10 ring rows, 10 DB Push Press, 10 hollow rocks or tuck rocks

SKILL: Pullup or Ring MU tech: 5 x 3-6 reps E2M

Work on Ring MU drills or pull up drills. Pull-ups can be higher volume (6-10 reps) of a progression or full reps.

CP: Ring MU EMOM - 10 minutes of a maintainable number of reps

WOD: Three Minute Max

This is a partner workout, in which you work for 3 minutes then your partner works for 3 minutes. Each work period is an AMRAP, and total reps for you and your partner is your score! When you switch, you always start at the beginning (i.e. with the row).

Rx: 6/10 cal Row + 6 ttb + 10 wallball: partners, alternating E3M x 4 each. Aim for 2 rounds in each 3 minute interval.

Scaled: hanging knee raise, wallballs @ 10/14.

CP1: 5 rounds each, 10 ttb per round

CP2: 5 rounds each, 10 ttb, heavy wallball (20/25-30)

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