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20.1 Intramural Scores are in!

Hey all, great first week! The intramural scores are in and it's a pretty tight race! We'll see how it shapes up in the coming weeks.

Teams get points by placing each week so the team in first place gets 1 point, the team in second gets 2, and so on. At the end of the Open, the team with the lowest point total wins! I expect as the workouts come with more variety we'll see quite a few different results as the strengths of each team come into play.

The Friday morning crew takes 20.1 with a scant 1 REP win over Saturday 9-10. Lots to play for over the next four workouts.

FRI AM scores

Mens RX Owen176

Mens Rx Coach Graham164

Womens Rx Coach Megan180

Womens Rx Michelle160

Scaled Vanessa144

Rookie (Rx/S) Phil129

Masters M RxAmrit131

Masters W RxKrista173


FRI 12+4 scores

Mens RX Isaac180

Mens Rx Kevin169

Womens Rx Emily147

Womens Rx Kim138

Scaled Oscar 164

Rookie (Rx/S) Rob Z180

Masters M Rx Bill106

Masters W Rx Sarah G115


FRI 5+6 scores

Mens RX Connor180

Mens Rx Chris VS180

Womens Rx Breton150

Womens Rx Jaclyn147


Rookie (Rx/S) Will G180

Masters M Rx Zeke180

Masters W Rx Angela148


SAT 9+10 scores

Mens RX Jamie146

Mens Rx Aiden134

Womens Rx Tia180

Womens Rx Mika168

Scaled Cam180

Rookie (Rx/S) Sarah M 165

Masters M Rx Rich M 137

Masters W Rx Cindy 146




WARMUP: Dowel Game 5-7 minutes!


Assault bike in threes:

Men: 5-10-15 cals

Women: 4-8-12 cals

each repeated x 30 mins


Coach led, coaches choice: 2 mobility drills

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