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Choice Monday

Hey gang, this week we're kicking off with a choice workout for Monday. There were a LOT of reps in that last Open workout. The choice wod allows you to be a bit easier on your joints with the aerobic option or if you're feeling fully recovered and want to get cracking on some strength, there's a challenging session for that too.

If you're looking for more volume and you have the time, you can always double up on the training on choice days.

If you're going to do a double and split it up (one in the morning, one in the evening like Don L does these days) then you can do either session first.

If you're going to do back to back classes (which is another great option to increase your volume), do the strength session first so you're not lifting under fatigue.

Of course for most of you, just choosing one of the two options and focusing on that will be a good amount of volume for the day. If you find that you have a bit more time at the end of your session, you could always add a bit of accessory work or some mobility to make your body feel good.

I hope you're enjoying the options that these choice days provide. We'll keep varying the days of the week that they show up on to spread the sessions around and balance out the week of training.




WARM UP: 3 rounds - 4 inchworms with pushup, 4 samson lunges, 8 dowel dislocates


Warm up with 3 x 200 @ 22-24 strokes per minute to feel it out.

Conditioning: 6 x 500m row (or equivalent distance on bike), rest 1:30, @ 20-22-24-26-28-30 strokes per minute.

Try to keep your strokes per minute as close as possible to the target number. Adjust your speed forward (recovery) to control the SPM.

CP: 4 x 1k row, rest 3 min, hold best average (guys aim for <1:45 splits, girls for <1:57).


This is a pretty big strength session. Make sure to build up to your work weights!

A. Power Clean + Push Jerk - 5 x 3 (all drops) build up.

B. Front Squat 8 x 2 E90s @ 75-85%.

C1. Seated DB Shoulder Press (on ground) 4 x 6-8 reps alternated E90s with

C2. Walking Lunge 4 x 25' (athlete's choice of weighting).

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