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Intramural Update!

Hey all, so this is a WEEK 3 update, I'll follow up on Wednesday with the totals after all the 20.4 scores are in and validated! We only have one more week to go, and the leaderboard is pretty tight at the top, with 1st and 3rd only separated by 2 points!

We're really seeing the importance of having some scaled scores each week as they tend to be higher scoring, and that's just the luck of the draw with how the teams shaped up. Some great scores across the board, let's keep it rolling. Here are the scores from each team for 20.3, and a totals table at the bottom after the first three wods.

Friday Early Risers - 2nd place in 20.3


Owen 86 Mens RX

Matty 69 Mens Rx

Coach Meg 82 Womens Rx

Maria 46 Womens Rx

Lauren HS 157 Scaled

Phil 32 Rookie (Rx/S)

Ian 65 Masters M Rx

Krista 63 Masters W Rx

Total 600

Friday Nooners - 1st place in 20.3


Coach Phil 125 Mens RX

Isaac 112 Mens Rx

Emily 90 Womens Rx

Kim 37 Womens Rx

Debbie 165 Scaled

Erin 149 Rookie (Rx/S)

Masters M Rx

Sarah G 23 Masters W Rx

Total 701

Friday Night - 4th place in 20.3


Connor 102 Mens RX

Chris VS 97 Mens Rx

Allie 76 Womens Rx

Jaclyn 61 Womens Rx


Breton 34 Rookie (Rx/S)

Zeke 118 Masters M Rx

Angela 60 Masters W Rx


Saturday Slackers - 3rd place in 20.3


Aiden 41 Mens RX

Jamie 23 Mens Rx

Coach Tia 113 Womens Rx

Mika 84 Womens Rx

Lee 116 Scaled

Sarah 141 Rookie (Rx/S)

Rich 34 Masters M Rx

Cindy 24 Masters W Rx





This is a two part skill series, with the idea that the OHS will warm up your catch position so that you will be able to receive your snatches in a better spot. Go light on the OHS and work on ideal positioning.

If you have sore shoulders or wrists, consider doing some lighter back squats instead of OHS.

Part 1: OHS 4 x 10, E2m

smooth reps.

Part 2: Snatch 10 x 2 @ ~ 75-85%, E90s

These should be moderately heavy and performed as single reps with a good re-set. Focus on speed under the bar.


Team Assault Bike: teams of 3, 30-20-10 calories for time (guys) 22-14-6 calories (girls)

Scale to 25-15-5 / 19-11-

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