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FVT Leaderboard

corey and connor testing out one of the FVT wod last week (PC: Tia Black)

Hey all, this weekend, the Fraser Valley Throwdown is happening out in Abbotsford. The competition runs Fri-Sat-Sun with teams, individuals, masters, and teens competing.

We have a pretty big crew of around 20-24 people heading over, so once again Vic City will have some great representation out on the competition floor!

I don't think there will be any streaming of the competition, but you will be able to keep track over the weekend by checking out the online leaderboard over at

Expect results to be up pretty quickly as the events unfold, and check through the divisions as we have competitors spread out in multiple spots (so many that I don't want to try and list them just in case I miss some names!!).

It should be a great weekend of competing, hanging out, and cheering each other on against some of the best competitors in BC and beyond.

Stay tuned to FB and Instagram also for updates through the weekend.






Build up to a heavy double

WOD: FVT Sunday PM wod

This is one of the challenges that the competitors will be up against - a sprint wod with a time cap (in the competition) of only 6 minutes! This wod will pop up on Sunday afternoon, just when the max fatigue will be present in the competitors bodies so it should be interesting to watch :).

Complete for time - 10 minute time cap


30 toes to bar, 30 thrusters 95/65 pounds, 50’ Dual Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge 35/25.

FG2: 20 reps ttb + 20 thrusters

FG1: hanging knee raise, scale bar as needed, 15/25lb.

CP: DB weight 35/50 FVT Teams can complete their version of the team wod

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