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Fitmas Day 5

After a great turnout on Sunday (and some excellent lifts and rowing prs), we're keeping the ball rolling with another benchmark wod and strength combo.

We don't do a lot of weighted pullups but this is a good opportunity to see where you stand in this key strength movement.

When it comes to the wod, if you're rested, go hard. If you've been doing a lot of the wods over the past week or have any back issues, be conservative with "Diane" and treat it more as a training workout.

Let's keep it up team!




WARMUP: 2 rounds, rotating on the minute of:

Ring Rows 10-15 reps

Kettlebell swings 10-15 reps

Single arm DB push press 10/side

Strength Test: Pull-up 1 rep max

This can be with a kip or without... if you're using a band for these, your goal is to work up to the smallest band possible to still get one rep!

12 min to get up to your 1rm ... share a belt to add weight if that's your jam!

WOD: Diane

Classic coupling here of weightlifting and gymnastics. This showed up in the Open this year as part of one of the wods and with a very tough hspu standard.

All we're looking for here is to keep your hands within the width of the handstand boards, touch the mat with your head and lock out your arms!



Deadlifts @ 155/225

Handstand Pushups

FG2: 125/185, hspu to one yoga block

FG1: 65-95/95-135, DB strict press scaled as needed

CP1: 15-10-5 of 185/265, strict hspu

CP2: 15-10-5 of 205/315, strict deficit hspu (45lb for women, 45+25 for men)

Cashout: if time:

Assault Bike Tabata Sprints (8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)

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