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New Year Party!

Hey team, Coach Meg here!

Your coaches may have talked to you in your classes about an upcoming Vic City party in the New Year… so get your party hats on!

First off, thank you for such a great year at CFVC. We recently had a coaches meeting to talk about some new ideas to bring in the New Year, and celebrate our wins over 2019. Coach Cam had everyone go around and ask us what are we thankful in our gym. The general consensus of what we as coaches are grateful for was OUR MEMBERS!

All of you make our job enjoyable, fun, inspiring, and push us to be the best that we can be. We are grateful to provide you with the best hour of your day, and to be apart of your journey to improve your fitness, strength, and health.

We are also grateful that we are able to have a positive impact on your lives, and we are thankful we have developed strong relationships with you - so once again, thank you to our Crossfit Community that we have!

Now, onto the party details. First off, there will be a food truck - we work out to eat right? Michelle has gotten in touch with “Spice Aid”, a South Indian Food with a blend of Sri Laken and South African influences. There will be different menus for people to choose from, such as gluten free and vegetarian options.

Spice Aid donates all proceeds to orphanages; this event will sponsor an orphanage in Zimbabwe called Boboma Village - how great is that!?

There will be a workout, games, there will be a time for Coach payback, and possibly more! Mark this date in your calendars as this will be a great time.

We will have a section on the board for people to RSVP so we can give an estimate of numbers to Spice Aid, and for us to create a group workout.

In the mean time, ENJOY your holidays with friends and family, and we look forward to seeing you over the holidays :)

Coach Meg



WARM UP: With an empty barbell - 5 deadlift, 5 front squat, 5 push press, 5 back squat. 1 samson lunge per leg in between rounds

3 rounds total

STRENGTH: Press - Squat Total


Warm up with empty bar and build to your best effort for 1 rep!


Warm up with your press weights as you go. Go to technical failure as opposed to absolute failure! Be safe and if feeling good look for a new PR

Add both scores together for your total!

CASH OUT (Just for fun)

10 min amrap of ascending reps:

2 pushups, 2 abmat situps, 2 db snatch. Then 4 of each, then 6 of each and so on!

DB weight and other scaling up to you

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