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Strict Pullup Tips

As many of you know I love my kettlebells, and Strong First is one of the programs and styles I use a lot for my overall strength and conditioning work with kettlebells.

Another area they focus on is proper bodyweight movement and this video above is breaking down some basic practices and skills you can apply to your training to better help you with those strict pullups.

Karen Smith (in the video) is Master SFG with Strong First and has some great tips for working toward your first or multiple strict pullups. The biggest tip I like at the end is "more time on the bar!"

Good luck with those pullups and stay tight and strong.

Coach G.




Rotate EMOM x3 rounds

10-20sec Hollow Bar hold

20-30sec Tempo Kb Deadlifts

15sec each side Pallof Press with band


Hang Power Clean: 5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 2 E2M (SCORE 1)


Strict "Lynne"

5 rounds for max reps of :

@ Bodyweight Bench Press

Max rep strict Pullups.

*Must start strict pullups within 30 seconds of bench press set ending.

FG2: 75% x BW

FG1: 50% x BW, Banded pullups

TG: Scaled Weight as needed, strict ring rows

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