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Games Experience

Top dogs Alan and Kevin looking sharp in their Vic City shirts

Hey all,

We're fresh off of a great day at Vic City Games - Partners! I'll have to do a recount but this is somewhere around 25 of these in house competitions that we have run over the years.

We've had lots of variations in team formats, wods, and schedules, but my favorite I think is the partners format. With a partner, many times you can share work and emphasize someones strengths, and it is also a lot less pressure than being out there by yourself.

We saw tons of great efforts over the four wods and some very strong communication and strategy was put to work. These were TOUGH wods too - in spite of the first three being relatively short, there was a very high level of intensity required to get a good score.

Mixing all the scaling categories also went pretty well. In hindsight there are a few things that I would likely tweak if we ran those wods again, but overall it was very competitive and most teams had some high finishes and some lower ones mixed in.

When the dust settled, we had a points tie for first and then third place was only one point behind! When we get a tie on event points, we go to the team that has the most first place finishes, so when all was said and done, here is how the field finished up:

Congratulations to all the competitors and thank you to all the supporters who came out to cheer and judge. From registrations and donations from our members, we will have a total sum of $520 to give to the Cody Foundation.

Thank you all for the generosity and enthusiasm, and I look forward to the next competition that we run!!




Here's your chance to take on some of the events that the competitors faced on Sunday. They should all be resting so I'm sure they won't mind me posting them for Monday training!


2 rounds with a partner - row 300m, 15 double DB hang clean and press. 1 partner rows while the other does the DBs

These are all partner wods, so grab someone around your level and give it a go!


3 rounds, on a 5 min timer of:

Elite: 0.9 bike, 12 hang power snatches (65/95), 4 ring muscle upst

Rx: 0.6/0.9 bike, 12 hang power snatches (55/75), 8/12 pullups

Scaled: 0.5/0.7 bike, 12 hang power snatches (35/45), 8/12 jumping pullups

*Partner 1 runs through the sequence then tags partner 2 who goes through right away. The idea is to get both people through the round before 5 minutes, when the next round will begin. The total time for all three rounds is your score. If you time cap on any round, add the extra reps as seconds (i.e. 5 reps left = 5:05)

Rest as needed, then build your power clean up to the heaviest wod weight for WOD 2

WOD 2: CFVC PARTNERS WOD 2 (8 min time cap)

Elite: 16 cleans @ 95/135, 100 du, 12 cleans @ 125/185, 100du, 8 cleans @ 140/205, 100 du, 4 cleans @ 155/225, 100 du

Rx: 16 cleans @ 75/115, 80 du, 12 cleans @ 95/135, 80du, 8 cleans @ 115/155, 80 du, 4 cleans @ 135/195, 80 du

Scaled: 16 cleans @ 65/95, 150 singles, 12 cleans @ 75/115, 150 singles, 8 cleans @ 85/125, 150 singles, 4 cleans @ 95/135, 150 singles

*You can share reps as needed to complete this wod. One person can be changing the weights on the bar while the other is doing some skipping.

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