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Snatch Tech and Christine Benchmark

When we get into many of our barbell movements we sometimes blow passed our setup and start positions. These positions lay the foundation for our movement and can set the tone for lift.

Take a look at the video above which is all about the starting position for the Snatch. Lots of good pointers here to think about and a few other videos you'll see from the same group breaking down the pull and explosive parts of the Snatch as well.

Today when you work on your snatches really try to focus on your start position everytime!

Your WOD today is a CrossFit classic, and requires great pacing to net yourself a strong score. Go hard but not max on the rows, be consistent on the deadlifts, then go fast on those box jumps. Be sure to log your score in and check the percentile scores to see what people are laying down in this wod!




3 rounds

Partner Warmup

P1- Run 3 laps of gym

P2- Max plank, max air squats, max pushups


Snatch Tech: Every 2mins x 4rounds of

3 power snatch + 1 Overhead Squat


Adjust weight then Every 2mins x 6 rounds of 3 full snatches

WOD: Christine

12 min time cap

Rx: 3 rounds for time of: Row 500m, 12 deadlifts @ bodyweight, 21 box jumps (20").

*NOTE that the Rx for this workout is 20" box jumps for men and women... sorry ladies!

FG2: .75 x BW deadlifts, can do box step ups

FG1: scale deadlift as needed.

CP1: 155/225

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