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Festivus Games

Hey all,

See below if you are interested in signing up for the Festivus Games hosted by our friends at Peninsula CrossFit. It is a beginner level competition held over one day.

This competition will conflict with week 3 of the Vic City Open so keep that in mind ... although you could do the Open wod on Friday and comp on Saturday ... haha.

From Peninsula CrossFit:

As you may or may not know we are hosting the Festivus Games at our gym again this coming April. This time around its an individual competition with novice, intermediate and masters divisions.

The WODs are already released at

There are only 5 spots left open - I'm attaching the registration information/link if you wished to circulate it to your membership, and hopefully you can have some Athletes join us :)



WARMUP: 15 sec front plank, 15 sec side plank, 15 sec other side plank, 45 sec rest x 3

Then: 3 rounds of 4 KB Tater lunges (each is a swing into a goblet step back lunge) and 8 double crunch


Bear Complex: squat clean, STO, back squat, STO. Do 3 cycles touch and go each set.

- 6 sets Every 2:30mins build to a heavy complex

- Can be done as power clean into front squat

- Both partners do 1 set in each 2:30 for a total of 6 sets per person!).

- Start light and get the sequence dialed then turn it up :)

(SCORE - Add you and your partners best weights together)


With a partner (SCORE 2):


Bench press @ 95/135

American Kettlebell Swings (35/53)

- Share work as needed.

FG3: 75/115

FG2: 65/95 kb weight 26/44

FG1; Scale bar and kb as needed

CP1: 105/155, 44/70 OR 35/53 KB snatch

CP2: 115/175, 44/70 KB snatch

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