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OHS and Strict Pull/Press

Photo Credit: Oscar Bravo

Coach Phil here showing us some good pullups while keeping his chin tucked and not reaching for the bar with his chin.

This is a movement many people struggle with so even if you need some assistance focus on complete range of motion at the top of the pullup (aka no chin reach) and staying engaged in your shoulders at the bottom of the pullup with elbows fully extended.

During the Pullup and Press portion of the workout today make sure to use your rest wisely and do move too fast from one movement to the next. Take your time, take your breath and get set and ready for your next movement.

Keep steady on the Overhead squats and keep those shoulders active and elbows locked out.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Coach G.




3 rounds

Pushup with T rotation each side x3

dowel Overhead squat x5

Ring rows x7


Overhead Squat


Every 2mins work up each set, not for score

Strict Pullups and Strict Press (bar take from floor): work up to a 2 Rep Max in both in 16 min. Work in pairs (SCORE 1)


Double under or Pistol practice: 5 x 30 sec work, 1 min rest

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