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Trivia Night Friday!

Hey all, I'm sure you're looking for different options these days to keep yourself occupied. You've watched Tiger King, seen pretty much all the social media posts you can handle, and cleaned the house way too much.

Well we're offering a chance to relieve the monotony with a bit of TRIVIA! Yes that's right, Friday at 8pm you can jump in on a Zoom and compete in a friendly fact based competition. I expect it will last for about an hour so you all can get back to binging on Netflix.


We'll have questions about CrossFit, your Vic City Coaches, and of course general subjects like pop culture and geography.

With videos enabled, you'll write down answers to our questions then show them to the camera... and see who lands on top!

We'll have prizes (supplements and swag) for the top 3 placers. You can band up with your on-site buddy/spouse/dog and put your collective brainpower to the test.

Here is the Zoom link to the meeting, I'll also send it out via email!

See you then





Join our online programming and beyond the whiteboard to check out the details and a great little video from Coach Tia!

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