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Opening Day & Training Re-Set

Hey all,

Well, June 1st is here and we are re-opening our doors. As you already know, some things will be different, and some will be pretty much the same.

I imagine that most of you will want to crush it right away, but also probably realize that you know that might not be the best idea! Your body has become accustomed to the training (or non-training!) that you've been doing over the past 8-10 weeks. For most of you, that hasn't involved a lot of barbell work and especially heavier barbell lifts.

You also may not have done pullups, or may not have trained to the same intensity that we usually do in the actual physical environment of the gym.

All of these things indicate that you will need to take it SLOW. The goal for the first month should really be just to move with new patterns and focus on solid technique development. That's why you won't always see defined scaling categories for our wods.

Do what you can on each day, and build as you go.

That doesn't mean that training will be easy! We will still be moving our bodies and barbells and kettlebells with focus and intensity. Push the movements that you are accustomed to and pull back on the ones you haven't done in a while.

Your fitness journey is re-starting. Allow yourself the time to do so safely and you'll likely end up better in the end!

See you soon,



Here are some last details about the classes. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at and we will do our best to provide answers!


We will be live streaming our 730am in gym house and also recording it! We will also have an "at home" version of our workout of the day (scroll down to check it out).


As you show up, you can join the line outside the gym. At 10 minutes prior to class time, we will start bringing you in, doing our interview as you enter the building.

Reminder that if you have anything in the cubbies, grab it right away and take it with you when you leave!


Each grid will have a selection of weights and implements for that day's wod. Due to some limitations, not every grid will have the full selection of weights but we are working on that! Should you require more or different weights, let your coach know and they will help you out!


We are still selling supplements and do have some other equipment (knee sleeves, wrist wraps, speed ropes, lifting belts) for sale. We will be adding these to our Push Press system early this week and you can purchase them by telling your coach to add it to your profile.




5 min AMRAP

8 deadlifts, 6 front squats, 4 push press, 2 Samson lunges


Get moving, smoothly and accurately!

5, 5, 5, 5 E2M

Build slowly as you go, focus on moving your feet and keeping the bar close on the way up!

AT HOME: try DB or KB snatch for same reps or KB swings x 10-12 reps E2M


8 Front squats (bar taken from the floor), 8/12 HR pushups, 40 double unders

Scale front squats to a weight you could do 15 times in a row if necessary

Scale to pushups from the knees

Scale double unders to 80 single skips OR 40 jumping jacks

AT HOME: 24 air squats sub for front squats or goblet db/kb squats for 8 reps

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