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Mobility Moment - Squat to Reach

Hey gang,

I don't know about you, but I'm all about "best bang for my buck" when it comes to exercise. I want to do the BEST exercises that give the best overall results in the minimum amount of time. This is why we spend the majority of our time moving barbells with large multijoint movements... they are so darn effective for metabolic demand and muscle strength.

The same can be said for mobility drills - there are some that cover SO much ground that we can't afford NOT to do them!

The squat to reach is one of those. Not only is it working squat posture and ankle/hip mobility, it is also addressing something that is sorely lacking in the upper body - rotation.

Most of us tend to be way to stiff in the spine (and muscles surrounding it) to hit overhead positions efficiently or to help prevent injury. Getting more rotation (for most people) will quickly enhance both.

Check out the video below on the squat to reach and consider adding it to your daily mobility routine - your whole body will appreciate it!!

Coach Cam


WARM UP: 4 rounds

20 jumping jacks

3 squat to reach per side (see video above)

6 pushups

6 reverse lunges

SKILL: Pause Back Squat

4 x 5 reps, 2 second pause in bottom position (do NOT relax!).

Normal speed descent and ascent. Keep it light!!


This workout is an interval based wod. Work quickly and accurately for 20 seconds, then rest 40 before moving to the alternate exercise. Your score is total reps but be wary of going too hard too soon or you'll risk blowing up!

Practice solid technique on the shoulder to overhead and bias towards push jerk to have more sustainability!

6 rounds each exercise of:

20 seconds strict pullups

40 seconds rest

20 seconds shoulder to overhead

40 seconds rest

Sub barbell rows for pullups if you aren't doing strict OR if you have your OWN band, bring it in to help out a bit!

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