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Beginner CrossFit Classes Next Week

Hey Vic City!

As we look to expand our services, we are improving our ability to bring in new people to our CrossFit community. There are a lot of people looking to try something new in fitness right now, and we figure that they should be able to try out CrossFit with as much ease of access as possible!

Right now we have our Lifestyles classes running on Tues - Thurs at noon and Saturday at 730am, which people can use to build up skills and stamina to enter our regular CrossFit classes.

We're going to add to those times by offering a 530-630pm session MWF on the small side of the gym. These are open to anyone who is new to CrossFit and wants to learn the ropes. After 12 classes, they can enter our regular class format.

We are looking at renaming these classes to reflect the idea that they are an entry point into our CrossFit program, so stay tuned for details on that. For now though if you know people who might be interested, let them know about these classes as an option for joining up with us.

They can check out the "Get Started" tab on the website for links to sign up and if interest grows we can look to build the number of these classes that we offer.

Thanks for spreading the word and see you soon!





20 plate floor to overhead

20 bent over plate rows

15 plate squats

15 plate situps


12 minutes to establish a 1rm in the strict press from a rack. Take as many attempts as you like within the 12 min period!


1 rep inside the first minute, 2 inside the second, 3 in the third and so on! The reps do not have to be unbroken but DO need to be strict to be RX.

If strict isn't going to happen then try kipping (and find and log that version in BTWB), or do inverted rows as strictly as possible :)


21-15-9 of Power cleans @ 95/135 and box jumps (20/24)

Short and sweet, pick those feet up on your jumps!!

Scale weight and box height as needed.

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