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Hey team,

Great work on the Monday - Tuesday smashfest. It was about time we put down a pretty rough workout in a longer time domain and you all came through it like champs.

We're switching gears towards fast paced intensity in Wed-Thurs. These intervals are all about quick consistent movement and recovery between efforts. With one minute breaks, you definitely won't be entirely recovered, so work with your best pacing to try to have a similar rep result each round.

Good luck, and I hope your hands are in shape for this!




WARM UP: 5 min amrap:

8 barbell rows, 8 double crunch, 8 squats

STRENGTH: DEADLIFT: 5, 5, 3, 3, 3 E2M

Resist the temptation to go too heavy, we are still getting our bodies used to deadlifts! Think about a nice slow tempo on the descent to keep good time under tension.


These two wods will run almost back to back, so be ready. Each one involves 5 repeats of 1 min work and 1 min rest, and each has a "buy in" movement before an amrap in the remaining time.

Part 1:

5 intervals of 1 min work, 1 min rest of:

14 box jumps (20/24) and AMRAP pullups

Scale up to CTB or MU, scale down to jumping pullups or inverted rows.

REST 5 minutes

Part 2:

5 intervals of 1 min work, 1 min rest of:

14 box step ups (20/24) and AMRAP pushups

Scale down to pushups from knees, scale up to Ring dips (if space allows)

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