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Goal Setting

Now that we are 2 months back into the gym and starting to get some strength testing in and some solid numbers for weights, what are some new goals you have for yourself.

I know during the covid shutdown it was a reset button for a lot of us mentally and physically. So now as we are becoming familiar with the barbell, more connected with our bodies from all the bodyweight movements, and "enjoying" running and rowing again, I challenge you to take a moment and write down a few goals for yourself.

These can be short term or long term, and can be as simple as a daily or weekly task of minimal work to help you create some healthier habits. Such as a simple walk for 20-30mins everyday, eating less sugar each week, and/or drinking less alcohol each week. You can get more specific and set goals for 1 Rep Maxes or Less time for a specific WOD.

Whatever your goals, write them down, or put them where you can see them everyday and have the reminder to help you attain them.

If you are unsure of what a good goal or goal might be for you, talk to your coach that you regularly see and ask them!

That's what we are here for!

See you in the gym.

Coach G.




6min As Many Rounds As You Do

5 beat swings

10 glute bridge march (5r/5l)

5 pushups

10 reverse lunges (5r/5l)

WOD: Partner WOD

Note: On BTWB, this shows up as 12 rounds but we will be doing 16 for Rx and CP, FG's have the option of doing 10-12 total rounds between the two partners.

Alternate rounds with partner (8 rounds EACH)

RX: 16 rounds for time

5 Front Squats (155/105)

10/7 Pullups

30 Double Unders

FG2: 75-95/115-135, 10 double unders + 20 single unders

FG1: 45-055/65-75, 60 single unders

CP1: 185/125, Chest to bar pullups

CP2: 205/145, 2/6 Ring MUs

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