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CrossFit Games Season Schedule

Kevin getting after a deadlift! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey Team,

There are a LOT of positive changes happening in CrossFit thanks to some new ownership at HQ and, subsequently, some new energy and direction. One of those things is a more professional approach to the CrossFit Games Season, which spans the Open, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and finally, the CrossFit Games themselves!

The 2022 CrossFit Open will be three weeks, just like 2021, and will lead into a two week Quarterfinals for the top 10% of athletes. From there, qualified athletes will move to the Semifinals (which in most cases hopefully will be on-site competitions), with the top 40-50 people worldwide moving on to the Games.

The season schedule also covers Age Group categories and Adaptive athlete divisions, with the latter being a new addition as of 2021.

The full breakdown (so far) of the upcoming season can be found here:

We're about 3.5 months out of the Open, so start to focus your energy on skill and strength development towards mid February! We'll be adjusting our programming to get you all prepped up too, so look forward to more specific skill sessions and metcons that will get you primed for the Open :).





8 dowel dislocates

8 barbell presses

12 bent over reverse flyes (light)

60 sec med intensity bike, row, or ski


Members who are in the same bubble may share a bench!

20 minutes to get a 1 rep max in the bench press!

Work up with sets of: 10(bar), 8, 4, 4, 2, then 1's after that. If you hit your max early, then you can back off and do some quality sets at a lighter weight.

Fundamentals: 5 x 5 on bench E2M or if experienced then can go for a heavy triple.

SPOTTERS - wear mask and only step in if needed!


Quite a departure from our Monday - Tuesday efforts, this session is all about consistency across 5 tough but short-ish intervals. This is NOT a total sprint like the 1 min max cals by itself, but should be a fast paced start into a steady hard effort, with the goal of hitting similar numbers through the 5 intervals.

Can alternate with another member:

Member 1 - goes from 0 to 1 min

quick clean from min 1 to min 2

Member 2- goes from min 2 to min 3

quick clean from min 3 to min 4

and so on. OR you can go on ski erg or row!


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