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Double Dip

Get those toes to bar like Remee! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Hey team,

We're starting out with a bang this week with a double header wod. The first one is a traditional 3 rounder with a pretty quick tempo. The second is a chipper, with big chunks of reps to work through. Some of you like the former, some the latter, but each one will challenge you in a different way.

Before you come in, think about how you'll pace these workouts and break up the reps, and see if your strategy pays off!

Good luck and have fun




WARM UP: 2 rounds

6-10 cal assault bike


3 rounds for time of:

Assault Bike, 800/600 m

20 Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches, 50/35 lbs

15 Pull-ups

FG2: jumping or assisted pullups, scale db 25/40 FG1: ring rows CP1: ctb pullups CP2: 50/70lb, 7 bar muscle ups


For time:

Assault Bike, 2400/1800 m

60 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks, 50/35 lbs

45 Toes-to-bars

FG2: hanging knee raise, db 25/40 FG1: scale as needed CP1: 50/70


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