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Friday Night Lights

What could be better than a wod and food with your buddies?


From the poll on the Vic City Member's page, there are a lot of you interested in hitting up another Friday Night Lights... so that's what we're going to do! This version will involve a partner workout OR special benchmark wod (TBD) and will run on Friday May 6.

We'll do the workout, hang out for a bit, and have some drinks on hand. For food, we're going to do a potluck style, so feel free to bring in a small dish to share and we'll get in some good eats after the wods are all wrapped up.

Just like during the Open, we'll have heats to sign up for on the day which will replace the normal class schedule.

So save the date, and get ready for a night of fun competition, food, and drinks with your fitness friends!






This is part buddy throwdown and part Murph prep! Note the switching times for the work - this will allow everyone to push to their individual limits. Have fun, encourage each other, and get it done.

Expect to share a bike, and pair up with someone around the same height as you for the best set up (i.e. not adjusting seat heights!)

Good luck!

For time:

100/75 Assault Bike Calories

20 rounds of Cindies (1 round = 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

100/75 Assault Bike Calories

Time CAP - 40 minutes

Switch every minute on the bike

Switch every two minutes on the rounds of Cindy (keep a cumulative count until you reach 20 as a partnership, pick up where your partner left off).

Scale pullups to be unbroken each round (ideally), pushups are regular (not hand release but CHEST MUST TOUCH THE GROUND, not just your stomach / legs).

FG2: jumping pullups x 2 reps (i.e. 10 each round), pushups from knees

FG1: ring rows, modify wod as needed

CP1: weight vest for whole wod

CP2: Rounds of Mary (5 hspu - 10 pistols - 15 pullups, no vest)


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