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The Grouse Grind is notorious for a reason. With 2,380 steps and an elevation gain of 853m over a 3km distance, it is a tough tough climb! That's also why it is an iconic fitness test that draws people not only from the lower mainland but also from all over BC, Canada, and the world.

Two years ago, a squad of intrepid individuals from Vic City made the trip over to tackle the Grind. Inspired by Scott Harlow, who was preparing for an incredible challenge called Go Ruck Selection, many members elected to wear weight vests or packs. Several did the Grind twice alongside Scott!

This year, the idea is the same - Scott is again taking on the Selection challenge in October and is always looking for ways to push his body. His plan is to do 3 trips up the Grind, while wearing a pack!

We'll head over on an early ferry on the 14th, share stories of fear and excitement about the Grind, then drive out to the challenge. After a warm up, we'll do the Grind... and trust me, ONE time is enough! I've only ever done single trips up and then enjoyed the scenery at the top.

Those of us doing single trips can explore the various attractions at the to of the Gondola and cheer on the others as they do their second or third trips. Anyone who is up to the challenge can wear a pack, weight vest, or no weight and go multiple times.

After spending a few hours at the mountain, we'll jump back into our cars and head back to the ferries, returning to Victoria with many more tales of fitness exploits!

If you're interested in coming along, click the link below to join the event. The only fees involved will be sharing the cost of the ferry travel and paying for the Gondola ride back down from the top of the Grind :)

Join the event - click HERE

And once you've committed to coming, do a few practice climbs up mt doug or mt tolmie to get your legs going... it will be worth it!

Any questions? Email Cam



WARM UP: 3 x

4 samson lunge

8/side calf stretch in pushup position

12 plate floor to overheads

16 jumping jacks


This is a substantial wod for sure. After a couple of shorter challenges this week, Friday Saturday brings the opportunity to work on your endurance! Scale the barbell heavy enough so that you don't just blast through it each round... you'll want something to slow you down trust me!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 mins of:

8 Power Clean & Jerks, 135/95 lbs

12 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

16 Wallballs

Run, 400 m

Pace yourself - do the clean and jerks in singles and smooth, try to recover on the run or push the pace there if that's your strength!

FG3: 75/115 FG2: 55-65/75-115, scale wallball weight

FG1: scale movements and time domain as needed

CP1: 105/155, 20 wallballs per round

CP2: 125/185, heavy wallballs (16)


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