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Part of our epic CanWest Crew!


It all starts this week... the return of the infamous and effective 6 day program. Get ready to move forward in your fitness more than you ever thought possible with our progressive and creative program.

I'm really excited to provide you all with many more opportunities to work on skills, strength, metcon, and conditioning. The first week is uploaded into beyondthewhiteboard so you can check it out there to map out your weeks.

Here are a few important notes about this shift:

  • We've added morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (different times due to my varying schedule!)

  • We've transformed the Skills classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays into regular CrossFit classes

  • FUNDAMENTALS classes will feature modified programming with the emphasis on learning skills at a slower pace. The workouts will still be intense, but will be directed towards those members who are new to CrossFit.

  • In general, one class per week will contain the option to work on individual skills of your choosing, with advice from your coach. Use these days to hone 'goal board' skills or just follow the training for the day.

  • Other training days may contain options for either Functional Bodybuilding or Conditioning, so you can work your weakness or hone your strengths.

Although I'm sure many of you will 'cherry pick' your favorite type of workout, I fully suggest trying to get as wide a range of workouts as possible. Our Unlimited membership will really show its tremendous benefits with this type of programming.

Speaking of memberships, we have launched some NEW PRICES for our Student memberships. We all remember how difficult is was as students to afford food, books, rent etc and to be honest it's harder now than ever.

That's why new member students will now be able to save 33-35% on 3 day and Unlimited memberships!

Spread the word about this so we can help our young friends out a bit!

Let's get after it team, this is a whole new ballgame, and we're in it to win it.

See ya soon





5 rounds for quality of: 3 Power Clean (Touch And Go)s Assault Bike Calorie Sprint, 15 secs Rest 2 mins

tech notes

Power cleans and sprint done in 30sec. Rest 2 min after each set (so go on a 2:30 cycle). Build power cleans


Every 1:30 for 24 mins do:

STATION 1: 5 Burpee Box Jump + 5 Box Jump

STATION 2: 15 Kettlebell Swings + 10 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

STATION 3: 30 Double Unders + 8 Strict Hspu

Rest 1:30

tech notes

This is EMOM style with two movements at each station, rotating E90s. smooth and accurate on station 1, push the height a bit if too easy scale hspu and du as needed for station 3


Hang Power Clean Pull x 4 sets of 5 reps - pull to high elbows

Work sets:

Hang Power Clean 8-8-8-8-8 Rest 2 mins between sets.


Every 1 min for 20 mins, alternating between:

7 Burpee Box Step-ups

14 Kettlebell Swings

14 Double Crunches

Single Under, 45 secs


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