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Member Goals Board!

Hey all,

A while back, when we did a survey about what leaderboard workouts people wanted, someone suggested we create a Goals Board in the gym. The idea behind it is that you post your goal with a date in mind, and given that it's in the gym, others can work towards that goal or support you in achieving it. This is an excellent way to give you that extra motivation and push to get those pesky skills nailed down!

I'll be putting the goals board together today, and it will be posted up in the gym by the bathrooms. Feel free to add your name, your goal (we'll start with one per person) and a timeline for it. When you achieve your goal, let us know and we'll celebrate your efforts!

Don't be shy, let's get after those goals and crush our fitness in 2022!




WARM UP: 3 rounds

20 jumping jacks

4/side cossack squat

10 medball cleans


Choose Deadlifts or Front Squats and do the following sequence of sets:

6, 6, 4, 4, 2, 2 reps, building as you go on a 2 min timer.

STRENGTH PART 2: Legs & Shoulders

5 rounds, on a 2 min timer of:

20 air squats, max weight unbroken strict press for 3 reps.

Aim to hold your best weight across all 5 sets, but don't miss or your score will suffer!


10 min AMRAP of:

Assault bike 600/500m

20 double unders

10 hand release pushups

FG2: scale pushups, 40 single skips

CP1: 10 ring dips from a ring muscle up

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