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Member Highlight - Emilie!

This was an easy choice for me this month. After watching Emilie compete at Garden City Games earlier this month, her attitude and determination inspired me, as I know it did everyone else too!

Emilie and her partner Val, joined at the end of January this year, and they haven’t skipped a beat since. They had moved here from Ontario just before that and were looking for a gym to get started. They dove head into the CrossFit community, getting to know all their fellow class members, making friends and they felt like family from the beginning. It's hard to remember what this place was like before they got here. They showed up to our Open Prep day, which was just shortly after they joined, showed up to each week (they could) of the Open with enthusiasm and ready to cheer everyone on.

Emilie has always brought great energy to each class and is always ready to pick those up around her. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 7 full months of her being here but it also feels like forever at the same time, she is still a newer member herself, but the way she opens up and welcomes new members as well is so awesome to see, and makes our jobs as coaches that much easier! We are so thankful that her and Val found us. Read more below to get to know Emilie :)

What is your background in Fitness/sport?

When I didn’t make the soccer team in grade 9 I tried out for the rugby team and ended up playing for 8 years! I played for the university of Guelph, team Ontario and team Canada. I have always loved fitness and used to coach bootcamp classes as well!

When did you start CrossFit and At Vic City?

When I moved from Ontario in February of this year! So it has been 7 months now… time flies!

How many CrossFit Opens have you done?

1 and a half haha. First one was in 2022, and then at Vic city I managed 1 out of the 3 workouts because I had to go rescue my cat from Ontario …

Favourite memories in the gym?

Getting my first bar muscle ups during the final workout at the Garden City Games. The support was unreal :)

What is your favourite movement?

Hang power cleans :)

Least favourite?

snatches are hard…

Favourite WOD or type?

I love descending chippers :)

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit?

I love the intensity, and being surrounded by people who are also there, facing the pain alongside you.

Everyone is so supportive of others’ personal growth and improvement. I also love how quickly you can feel yourself improving and getting fitter.

Most recent achievement that you are proud of?

Competing at the Garden City Games - my first competition! I was very proud of myself for working up my wall walk capacity (a movement I used to fear and hate) and actually learning to like them. As well as accomplishing my first bar muscle ups :)

What goals are you working towards right now?

Improving in gymnastics movements and muscular endurance at higher weights!

What is your go to treat / meal?

I LOVE Mac and cheese… and also chocolate ANYTHING.

Emilie, thank you again for your positive attitude, and bringing the energy to each and every class you attend! You have always taken coaching cues well, and are always willing to try something new. You ask good questions and your will to learn and get better is every coach's dream. You know it requires patience and work, and seeing you put it in is great to see and inspiring to so many. Watching you adapt on the fly at GCG and pushing past what you thought was possible was so great to see, and watching you do it with a smile on your face the whole time was so fun, and what we want everyone to do!

We can’t wait to see you accomplish more of your goals and to keep raising the bar higher for yourself! Keep up the great work.

Be sure to give Emilie a High Five next time you see her in class! :)

Coach Tia


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