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Member of the Month - Chrissi!

I remember first meeting Chrissi in a Free Intro session, almost two years ago (where did that time go!), and being super impressed with her movements and attitude towards fitness. I could tell in that session that she had the drive to get better and likes a good challenge, and I had a good feeling CrossFit was going to be the right fit for her. Since then we have seen her tackle many skills, and try new things! From HSPU, to Chest to Bar, to getting stronger with the Olympic Lifts, she has been very coachable and is always raising the bar for herself. She is determined to keep getting better, and we’re excited to see what the rest of 2024 brings for her. Read more below to get to know her!

What is your background in Fitness/sport? Growing up, I played Soccer which was my main sport for over 2 decades  Outside of that, I was, and still am a baseball lover! I’ve always been into, and on various team sports, but Soccer will always hold my heart

When did you start CrossFit and At Vic City? I started CrossFit at Vic City in October 2022!

How many CrossFit Opens have you done? One, 2024 was my first shot at the Open, and I cannot wait to see what I can bring in 2025!

Favourite memories in the gym? To date, the 24.2 - the vibes in the gym and the team support was unreal!

What is your favourite movement? Since I can never make up my mind…My favourite strength movement: Deadlifts and Thrusters. My favourite gymnastics movement: TTB and PU’s. My favourite machine: AB!

Least favourite? My alarm clock when I go to the 6:00am class  and box jumps.

Favourite WOD or type? AMRAP  

What do you enjoy the most about CrossFit? The community is big for me, and the way it makes me feel day to day. Strong, happy and obviously badass ;)

Most recent achievement that you are proud of? Completing 30 CTB in 24.3.

What goals are you working towards right now? My goals for 2024 are consistent DU's and completing a BMU! I am taking a short break on April 16th for surgery on my foot, which has limited my progress since May. I have made a lot of progress in areas, but once this heals up I am excited to see what goals I can crush after that.

What is your go to treat / meal? Treat: Dark Chocolate!! Meal: DIY Low carb Pizza, I seriously can't get

enough :)  


Chrissi, thank you for being an outstanding member in our community. Your determination rubs off on all those around you, especially your usual 7am class members. You’re always missed if you’re not in class. Your attitude and personality always puts those around you in a good mood, and your push to get better also makes them want to try new things. You’re always cheering on those around you, and showing up for your gym community every chance you get!

We are so thankful that you joined our gym and have become a part of our gym family. We can’t wait to see what you tackle for years to come, because we have a feeling this is just the beginning!

Be sure to give Chrissi a High Five next time you see her! 🙂

Coach Tia


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