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November and December Events!

Hey Team!

As the days get shorter and energy can be at a lower set point, it's always nice to have some fun events to look forward to! That's why in November and December we're going to host two major events for our members :)


First off, on Saturday November 26, we're going to host and in-house competition FOR ALL LEVELS! This will be a same sex partner throwdown, which will run from about 8am to 4pm.

As mentioned, there will be workouts for all levels, specifically an "FG" group, an "Rx" group, and a "CP" group, so if you've got even a couple of months of CrossFit under your belt, sign on up!

Start chatting to your workout buddies or check on BTWB to see who is around your level... and make a new friend :).

We'll be releasing more details about the competition as we go, but mark your calendars NOW... these throwdowns really are super fun and rewarding.


In December, we're going to throw down a very special "12 days of Christmas" workout for our FNL experience!

If you've never done this workout, you're in for a treat, and really, who doesn't want to take on a tough workout then swill some eggnog and treats after???

The date for this one is FRIDAY DECEMBER 19, so block your calendars for that day and get your ugly holiday sweater ready :)

Let's make these last couple of months of 2022 ones to remember team! See you soon!



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